A 'F**K Boris' Street Festival Is Happening In Central London Tomorrow

Tomorrow, in the center of London, a street festival "F ** K Boris" will take place

Boris Johnson is already the subject of a protest rally in central London. Image: Shutterstock

Well, that did not take long. Tomorrow evening (July 24), a street party protest is planned in central London against Boris Johnson, the new British prime minister.

Fck Govt Fck Boris, as he calls himself, opposes the one who is "a proudly racist, sexist, homophobic politician" now "leading a government" by his violent atrocities against people of color, migrants and women is defined. "

At the time of writing, 3.800 participants said they would attend the event with another 13,000 (though we all know that Facebook is not necessarily trustworthy). The people who plan to show up should bring "rigs, sound systems and portable speakers, whatever you have".

The organizers, including political and social commentator Owen Jones, the Women's Strike Assembly and Lesbian's and Gays Support the Migrants, promise "Music, Art and Noise".

Political protests have become commonplace in London as confusion and anger over Brexit and other issues of the day are rampant. Last weekend, Boris Johnson showed his best. Last year, the acting mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was (literally) sent into an inflatable parody

The Fck Govt Fck Boris protest will take place on July 24 at 5.30pm at Russell Square in central London.

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